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A New Book “The Beginner’s Guide to programming the PIC24/dsPIC33″

Thomas Kibalo, a Microchip Certified Developer and Academic Partner, who has written many 16 bit articles for Nuts and Volts magazine, delivers the beginner’s book that many have been looking for: Beginner’s Guide for Programming the PIC24/dsPIC33. Using the low cost Microchip Microstick module with PIC24HJ128GP502 and the free to download lite version of the MPLAB C Compiler, Kibalo takes you step by stepthrough the fundamentals of programming the PIC24H which can be equallyapplied to the dsPIC33. His clear explanation of the inner workings, make learning the PIC24H/dsPIC33 16 bit architecture easy. His code examples demostrates how to perform the functions most applications require. The hardware is shown in simple breadboard so even a beginner can build along with very few extra components needed.

Contents and experiments:

  • Introduction to tools
  • Driving Leds
  • Analog to Digital Conversion
  • Driving LCD Display
  • Timers and Timer Interrupts
  • Writing and reading from external EEPROM
  • Serial RS232
  • SPI Communication
  • I2C Communication
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Controlling the PIC24H Real Time Clock and Calendar

The book is available from Nuts and Volts Web Store

A parts kits for MicroStick II  Exercises in the book is now offered through Nuts and Volts

This kit contains all the necessary piece parts to conduct the MicroStick II exercises in the book.

Click here for more details