New Graphics Applications Using the 16 bit Experimenter

The 16 Bit experimenter is shown with a an inexpensive 128x64 Graphics LCD the Electronics Assembly EA DOGM128L-6. The displays also comes in a series of multi-colored back lights if needed. This unit is priced at about $18.00 from Mouser Electronics.The unit is low power, +3.3Volt operation and is communicated to the Experimenter via SPI . A demo program was written using Lucio Di Jasio's "Learning to Fly the PIC24" as a basis for the software demo.In the demo is a graphics primitive driver is used that allows for text using a 8x8 FONT, shapes, Waveform displays , lines . With the FONT the entire display can be 16x8 character display. Schematics and Hook-ups are shown below.

Download demo software.



Hook-up information for the EA DOGM128-6 is in a manual supplied by Electronics Assembly for the EA DOGM128-6 purchase. To connect with Experimenter-16 use following:




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