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HTTP Web Server App

Cool web Server Application with 16 Bit Micro Experimenter

Yes, that’s right the Experimenter with the right hardware/software can function as a HTTP web server. Microchip originally supplied the stack version 3.75.6 and HTTP server code, but an additional resource for PIC24FJ64GA002 web code, tools and interfaces modules is LJCV Electronics Web site
To understand with Microchip libraries and tools see

A hook up schematic is shown

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(Click images for full screen)

This application shows a static web page when an internet browser is opened to the Server’s IP address on your home local network. The Web page HTML data is stored on the Experimenter 25LC256 EEPROM.
Program the Experimenter with the exp16_web.hex file provided (this is discussed in section to follow). Go ahead and connect the Experimenter to your home network using Ethernet cable either from your local Router or network switch to the OLIMEX Ethernet Module. (See OLIMEX web site, an alternate module is LJVC nic28 module, see LJVC product listings at ). The led shown in the schematic should blink indicating network connection. The IP address of the module is fixed at Our web server supports ping. Use the PING command under windows command prompt and watch for the reply response from the Experimenter.

Download exp16_web.hex and mpfsimg_3.bin and put these as well in a convenient location on your computer.To program  the  exp16_web.hex just open the Microchip IDE directly without a project. Select the PIC24J64GA002 from device configuration and under file operation import the web object code. Use the PICKIT2 to program the Experimenter
Now we need program the 25LC256 EEPROM with the HTML information. This info is coded in Microchip web page image format in file mpfsing_3.bin.  Our web server supports FTP protocol.  We can download load this image to Experimenter using FTP protocol .  Again use command prompt and start an FTP session using ftp For user prompt use ftp and for password prompt use microchip. Use the put command to transfer the web image file mpfsing_3.bin into the Experimenter board remotely. Exit the FTP session by typing bye. One this is done bring up a internet browser to and you should see the web site .

Email Kibacorpinc to request web server project code

(Click images for full screen)