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Real Time Waveform Viewer using PIC33

New Waveform Viewer Application Using the 16 bit Experimenter with PIC33

The PIC33F J128GP802 is pin to pin compatible with the PIC24F part that comes with the 16 Bit Micro Experimenter Kit, however, there are some significant differences. The PIC33F is has Digital Signal processing hardware , supports up to 128K Flash and can run up to 40 MIPS. It supports all the peripherals the the PIC24F supports in addition to a 12 bit ADC, DCI interface and built-in DMA.

You need to remove the existing PIC24F part ( it is socketed ) and replace it with the PIC33F. The PIC33F J128GP802 part is available from Mouser as well as lots of other suppliers. The application allows for real time display and update of sampled ADC channel AN10 input( which is aligned to pin 9 of the 16 bit experiimenter I/O interface) See photos–first shown a signal generator running 343 Hz waveform into pin 9 of external I/O bus of Experimenter. The Experimenter has also a graphics Display. The second photo is a close up of the graphics display with real time view of sampling waveform. You will need to also install a free version of Microchip’s DSP DSC to compile the demo software.

The PIC33F is sampling at 8KHZ and using its internal 10bit ADC. —> Warning the input waveform must not swing below zero volts! <—. What is shown is a SINE wave that has a DC bias of +1.5 VDC and it itself is oscillating between +3VDC to 0 VDC.

You add need to add graphic Display EADOG128W-6 and backlight as show in the schematic to graphically view waveform. ( see Graphic demo)