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Rotary Encoder with Graphics

Demo of both Graphics and Rotary working together

Here’s a fun application that’s using two distinct independent capabilities that we introduced ( Graphics Display and Rotary Encoder ) and puts them together. This is just one example of what you can do with these technologies. The application uses the rotary encoder to zoom in or out depending on direction of rotation of rotary knob by user. The graphics displays shows the results graphically as either a circle or rectangle changing shape. The user can switch back and forth from a circle or a rectangle selection by simply depressing the knob on Encoder or releasing it. the experimenter LCD display also shows the current parameter size numerically. See photos, there are a series of still shots where a rectangle is selected and is increasing size . we are using the EA DOGM128W-6 display with the EA LED55x46-G yellow/green back light.

(Click images to enlarge)

The next series of photos shows a changing circle.

Download Graphics and Rotary Demo Software

Schematics for hardware are shown for each component under graphics and rotary.