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Touch Panel Application

Graphics Touch Screen

Electronic Assembly offers a Touch Screen for its DOGM graphic series (128×64 dots). We wanted to try it and offer it as another application base for our customer’s experiments. The touch panel ( EA TOUCH128-1) is analog touch panel. It has a self-adhesive material on its rear surface and simply sticks onto the display. Connection is made by means of a 4 pin flexible cable for a ZIF connector ( EA WF100-04S). All parts are available from Mouser. The touch panel is similar to a potentiometer reading where +3.3v is supplied to 2 of the four pin set ( TOP,BOTTOM, RIGHT,LEFT), readings are taken, and a position determined. We put together a demo that displays both the X voltage reading and the Y voltage reading using two ADC channels on the Experimenter. The reading are displayed simultaneously on both the LCD and attached graphics display. See photos. We are using the EADOG128W-6 Display with an Amber back light EA LED55x46-A.

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Download Graphics Touch Demo Software

Schematics for each component is shown. To mount the ZIF connector which is SMT we use a cut up portion of a SMART board with proper 1.0 mm SMT pitch and mounting holes for .1 header mounts. There are probably easier methods to do this.