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Using the PIC33 DSP with 16 bit Micro Experimenter

The PIC33F J128GP802 is pin to pin compatible with the PIC24F part that comes with the 16 Bit Micro Experimenter Kit, however, there are some significant differences. The PIC33F is has Digital Signal processing hardware , supports up to 128K Flash and can run up to 40 MIPS. It supports all the peripherals the the PIC24F supports in addition to a 12 bit ADC, DCI interface and built-in DMA.

We are introducing this part into the Experimenter to provide a new series of applications , i,e speech playback, digital filtering, and extend our web based software leveraging the larger Flash size. You need to remove the existing PIC24F part ( it is socketed ) and replace it with the PIC33F. The PIC33F J128GP802 part is available from Mouser as well as lots of other suppliers. Previous software done for the PIC24F will be need to be modified for use with the PIC33F , specifically the clock rate has to be reduced (40MIPS to 16 MIPS), the correct .h ( header)and .gld ( linker) files will need to be added to project to replace PIC24F header and linker references. We reworked the existing entry demo to reflect this. All the hardware demos ( thermometer, RGB and Clock are functional) .See photos. You will need to also install a free version of Microchip’s DSP DSC to compile the demo software.

pic33 1pic33 2

pic33 1pic33 2

Download PIC33 DSP Demo Software