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Full List of Published Articles


Nuts and Volts Articles Dec 2009-Present
    Article Title and Data Sample Code Description
    1. A 16 bit Micro Experimenter for Solderless Breadboards (12/2009)

    Demo and Holiday lights

    Introductory demo using RTCC clock, CCP pulsing of LED, thermometer as well as a Christmas Light show with leds and music
    2. A Quick Tour of the 16 bit Micro Experimenter (2/2010)

    LCD, Buttons, EEPROM, ADC

    full library set for LCD, EEPROM, ADC
    3. Using a 128×64 Graphics Display (4/2010) Graphics and Waveform Viewer full graphics library and waveform viewer (Requires 128×64 graphics Kit)
    4. 16 Bit Experimenter Standalone Data logger (6/2010) Logger Demo In depth application using RTCC, EEPROM and UART communications for data logging
    5.  Pulse Operations using 16 bit Micro Experimenter (8/2010) RGB, Servo, Motor ,Accelerometer, Sonar Range Finder various pulse experiments with RGB LED, Motor speed/direction control, accelerometer reading, and range finder
    6. Implementing a file I/O System for the 16 bit Experimenter (10/2010) file read, file write and dual read/write uses Microchip File I/O library and 2GB SD-FLASH card for file operations
    7. Enhanced User Interface for 16 Bit Micro Experimenter (12/2010) Rotary knob and scrolling demo introduces a rotary encoder and keyboard interface with Mini-Kit
    8. Feature Article -Part 1-Adding More Digital I/O to your16 bit Experimenter ( The Hardware)   describes MCP23S08 I/O expansion chip for use with Experimenter
    9. Feature Article- Part 2-Adding More Digital I/O to your16 bit Experimenter ( The Software) I/O expansion SW driver describes MCP23S08 I/O expansion chip for use with Experimenter
    10. Feature Article- Building your own Bitmaps and Animation for the 128×64 Graphics kit Bitmap and animation examples enhancement and animation demo using Graphics 128×64
    11. Introducing the 32 Bit Micro Experimenter (2/2011) Hello Word, RTOS and DMA examples Introduction to the PIC32 processor using several hands on experimentts
    12. USB and the 32 Bit Micro Experimenter (4/2011) Mouse, serial Device and Flash Drive emulation USB demoes for CDC, MSD, and HID classes using PIC32 as a USB Device
    13. Graphics Libary and the 32 Bit Micro Experimenter (8/2011 Mouse, primitive, Widgets using Microchip graphics Library Widget and primitive demo on buttons, LED and CCP/PWM light dimming ( uses new graphics card)
    14. 32 Bit Micro Experimenter as a Web Based Controller (TBD) HTTP Web server USB demos HTTP operations for hardware controls and monitoring