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Using the PIC 24F 16 Bit Microcontroller

Course No. 1002

This course will focus on applying and building advanced 16 bit microcontroller applications, for high resolution graphics displays, USB flash/ thumb drives, USB CDC and HID PC class applications, data logging and capacitive touch technologies using new set of processor peripherals and available open source libraries. Student should have some background in C programming. Course length is 2 days.

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained insight and hands on familiarity with the new generation of 16 bit microcontrollers, and associated USB, Graphic, Touch, and Real Time Clock /Calendar software libraries. Students will be able to apply these techniques in building even more sophisticated standalone applications. In addition, students will take-a-way the PIC24F Evaluation Board from Microchip, class software solution, lab manual and student handouts. Students should bring their personal USB Stick or Thumb Drive to facilitate associated Lab exercises
List of Topics

* Overview of Microchip PIC24 16 bit processor architecture
* Review of Microchip IDE tools and C Compiler
* Hands on use with MPLAB Starter Kit for PIC24
* Application examples and in-class Labs:
o OLED Graphic Display System and Graphic Library (Parallel Master Port)
o Capacitive Touch Panel Interface (CMTU)
o On Chip Clock Calendar Time and Date (RTCC)
o RGB LED Control (Three PWM and Peripheral Pin Select I/O)
o USB Flash Thumb Drive Interface (USB Embedded Host)
o USB Mouse Emulation (HID class) using Library
o USB Serial Port Emulation (CDC class) using Library
o Real-Time Data Graphing on OLED Graphic Display (A/D and Display Multitasking)
o Real-Time Data Capture on Thumb Drive (Multitasking with USB Embedded Host)